Branding is the creation and management process of a brand. It’s strategic because is the tool that will set the steps to follow in the future.


More than 85% of companies start their activity with eyes closed, without brand objectives and strategies. Most of them fail the first year.


We propose a reliable and studied path, with a strong plan that will take you brand where you can’t imagine.



let's start building your brand



Before you start, it’s important to know the field. Identify our start tools, what we can take advantage of and what we should leave aside.


We must know our target, how they are, what they think and what they need. Provide answer to their needs to create a long lasting relationship.


And open an indiscreet window to identify your competition.


Once we know our situation, we can create our brand DNA and give it a unique personality.


With a clear strategy, we define the tactics: we elaborate a guide with steps to follow in a coherent way to the established objective. If the brand was a person … how would he/she be?.



This is the moment to dress up your brand. Since now it has personality and character we make it look pretty.


For it, we create a graphic and verbal universe composed by many elements such as logo, colors, typographies, writing style and many others. Including the name.


We’re ready to take your brand out to the street! In this last phase, we organize actions to introduce your brand into society and get it close to your objective target. Our efforts are directed to cause a positive impact.


From now on your brand walks on its own. And does it with the confidence provided by a coherent strategy with sense.


Building a brand is a process that requires time and effort. At Somoza Brands, we like to do it and it works out fine for us. Every new brand is a new illusion, let us give life to yours!.



We unite forces

Undertake an adventure

Distribute missions

YOU, your company. US, your brand.

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